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60 minute timer

30% success rate

4-8 people


It’s the most fun I’ve had in the past several years!

– Jessica Alexander

The backstory

A weapon of mass destruction is about to be launched towards your homeland. This missile threatens your country’s very existence, you MUST act QUICKLY. You and your team have ONE HOUR to break into the Airforce base file room disguised as American Pilots, find the detonation code and deactivate the missile before it’s too late! It won’t be easy, you will need to really think outside the box, these Americans are determined to blast you off the face of the earth. You will have challenges that will need great team work but you CAN succeed! Bring your best people and save your homeland, your country is relying on you!

All rooms are PRIVATE so you will only be in the room with friends you booked with.

Go ahead, make your day!