At what age do kids have to be to play the games?

Kids must be at least 6 years old to play our games. Keep in mind these are primarily adult games so adding a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old to a group of adults works ok, but a group of four 6-year-olds is not advised (they do not have the focus yet at this age).

Do adults need to accompany kids?

Kids 16 and older can play the game without an adult. Kids under 16 need to have at least one adult with them.

Why do we need to show up 15 minutes before our booking time? 

Your team needs to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your booking time because we need time to accept the balance of payments, sign waivers (If you haven’t done it digitally from home…we recommend you sign them from home), go over the rules, give you the storyline and then have you in the room on time.

Please Note: The timer starts on time whether you’re there on time or not (ex. if you’re booked for 6pm, we start the timer at 6pm).

Why can’t we be a few minutes late?

We need time between games to take pictures of the last team, and clean and reset the room.

Are the rooms scary? 

Absolutely not! Nothing is scary in either of the rooms.

Please note: CODE RED is completely dark when you first get into the room (you will be provided with flashlights), until you figure out how to turn on the power (which is part of the game). The Expedition is dim (after all it is a jungle), but you will have a few lanterns to assist you.

How long are the games and how much is it to play?

Rush Hour rooms are 60 minutes each and are $30 per person plus tax. We do not have kid’s pricing.

What is your cancellation policy?

We need a minimum of 48 hours

Which room is easier?

The Expedition has a higher escape rate and is recommended for people who have never experienced an escape room or have only done a few rooms previously. The Expedition is a great room to get your feet wet. However, the Game Masters are there for you in case you need a nudge in the right direction. No matter what, you will have fun!

What do you recommend if we have reservations at a restaurant before you guys?

We recommend that you tell your server the time you need to be gone, they are great and will make sure that you are served and out by a certain time. Remember, the timer starts at the time of your booking so it’s best to make sure your server is aware of your plans.

Are your rooms private?

Yes, our rooms are private, you will not be put in a room with strangers.

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