The Backstory

Placing you in the middle of the mystery!

Rush Hour Escapes opened it’s doors in June of 2017.  People asked how this came about, here’s the story.

The Campbell Family owned the building at 54 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall.  An Entrepreneur at heart, Colleen was looking for her next adventure. Escape rooms weren’t something she ever considered even attending, she had never even heard of them.  At the insistence of her two 20-something year old daughters, she and her husband were taken on their first escape room experience.  They loved it so much they were hooked!

Colleen knew full well how much Cornwall needed fun things to do and decided Cornwall is going to get an Escape Room!  With her husband Jordan being a skilled carpenter AKA expert prop builder, it seemed a perfect fit!  A collaborative family team, they maximized on Jordan’s carpentry skills, Colleen’s creative mind, and two tech savvy daughters they embarked on giving Cornwall a 5 star experience escape room.  And that they did!  Reading the reviews on Tripadvisor and Google you will see how they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.

Experience the Top Entertainment Activity in Canada

2 Rooms
2x the Fun!

The Expedition

Mildred Murphy’s Missing!